International Herb Symposium

13th International Herb Symposium


Wheaton College, 26 East Main Street, Norton, Massachusetts

Saturday, June 10, 2–5:30 pm

Inflammation ~ the Underlying Factor of all Chronic Disease with Dr. Christopher Hobbs

A cross-cultural review of inflammation, from yin deficiency in traditional Chinese medicinal thinking, to the most recent discoveries in biomedicine to uncover the etiological factors of chronic inflammation. We will review diabetes, obesity, and a number of other common diseases related to inflammatory processes. A special emphasis on herbs, traditional foods, and modern science-based food extracts that can help reduce the impact of chronic inflammation over the years—something we all deal with to one degree or another during the aging process, no one is exempt. We will review the science, traditional use, and modern applications of turmeric, pineapple stem, green papaya peel, Boswellia, hops, and other remedies and preventatives. Geared towards practicing herbalists, but all are welcome.

Other Classes offered by Dr. Hobbs:
• What’s Bugging You? The Human Microbiome
• Cancer—an Integrative and Cross-Cultural Approach

See the schedule for exact times and locations on the Symposium’s website:

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