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Giant fluffy flakes. I know to quite a few of you. Snow is no big deal, but here it is a huge rarity!
Gilled turkey tail is often found on dead logs nearby true turkey tail or false turkey tail.
They can be used the same way as true, turkey tail. They have a lot of immune activating, beta glucans, immune, activating, chitin, and good nutrition. All it takes is boiling it down in a pot or a pressure cooker, blending with the cooking water, and dehydrating to it a driveway for in a food dehydrator finally pottering that and storing in a jar for up to three years add a half teaspoon or a teaspoon to soups or other dishes for a nice mushroom flavor, immune support, and many other benefits.
See my book medicinal Mushrooms the essential guide for more information.
True turkey tail and false turkey tail often grow together on dead logs in many parts of the world, in a forest near you even. Maybe even in your backyard, or in your fruit orchard. Based on their clinical trials and long history of use, they are likely the most valuable of all medicinal mushrooms.
Of all species of mushrooms, they contain the highest amount of immunomodulating, beta glucans, as well as prebiotic fiber that will help diversify your gut microflora, benefiting your mood, immunity, and cognition. 
Either species works, both are non-toxic. But use true turkey tail over the false turkey tail because of its long history of use; still in a pinch you can use false turkey tail.
Check my book, medicinal mushrooms, the essential guide for more information. It’s fantastic to make a concentrated water-based powder for long-term storage to add too many types of dishes. Really the best kind of food medicine from the forest.
I recently northern California had a series of major, atmospheric rivers, one after another, where we were getting perhaps, 3 or 4 inches of rain per day.
Since I couldn’t stay out of the Woods, because mushrooms were popping up everywhere and I was speaking of various mushroom gatherings, I ended up getting a throat infection, and laryngitis.
After that, I guess you’re being with around so many people, I caught a cold too.
I was in pretty miserable shape until I really started hitting the garliq syrup, as well as Andro Graffis tablets and lots of elderberry juice.
I blended up the garlic, added one drop of mint toil and one drop of oregano oil, and then poured it into a narrow mouthed syrup jar , that makes it easy to sip. If you’re the only one using it and carry it with you you can also just added to a one or 2 ounce dropper bottle.
Over the years, I have been so impressed with the simple remedy that never fails to clear sinus infections, help with ear infections, sore throat, strep throat, and just general inflammation and pain in the throat and upper bronchial area.
I recommend having it on hand all winter.
I’d rather enjoy my medicine!
Mushrooms, greens and garlic, major medicine, food.
Lots of super high-quality prebiotic, fiber, high protein, and nutrients that rival animal products because of all the mushrooms. Here I used a combination of Maitake, shiitake, and wood ear mushrooms.

I taught a class on the health benefits of mushrooms to start the conference, and about 60 to 70% of the audience raised their hand, when I said how many of us would consider ourselves newbies?
It’s so exciting to see so many people being called by the mushrooms!
Mushrooms from the genus Agaricus are among the best edibles. Of course, in the store, you can get portobellos and button mushrooms.
In the wild there are the meadow mushroom, the prince, and almond scented red staining Agarics.
So yummy.
However, they are also tricksters.!
Some look perfectly harmless and delicious but after eating you can wake up in the middle of the night feeling incredibly nauseous and have to throw up.
I learned my lesson early on so now I look very closely.
However, I don’t avoid them by any means.
Make sure you have a reliable field guide, or attend a Foray or workshop from a local Mushroom club.
One of the very best first pass signs are nicking the very base of the mushroom, and seeing if it turns immediately yellow. If it does, don’t eat it.
Smell the very base after nicking. If it smells even faintly like chemicals or library paste, don’t eat it.
Still, a few of the common Agarics don’t stain yellow or smell bad at the base, maybe only a very faint chemical smell.
This could be Agaricus californicus, which, unfortunately, is nauseating to many people.
Again, make sure you know what you’re picking and eating. The first time you try a new species, cook some, and then eat only a spoonful the first time. Work your way up to higher amounts. If you have an edible species that others have tried, and you know you’re not sensitive..
Some mushrooms from this genus are highly medicinal as well. The so-called sun agaric is highly sought after, and found in most Chinese herb shops. Its uses are for boosting immunity, counteracting cancer, and protecting the internal organs.
Please see my new book, medicinal, mushrooms, the essential guide for lots more information.
Or check out my new seven week course on medicinal mushrooms on the Shift Network that just started.
Pretty mind boggling… Our gut microflora produces 90% of our serotonin, a crucial neurotransmitter that our nervous system uses to regulate mood, sleep, blood circulation and sexual function.
Are beneficial, microbes produced a lot more serotonin when there is high diversity, and the most beneficial species are present. New research shows that mushroom fiber and fiber in beans and legumes are among the very best types of fiber for diversifying and promoting healthy flora. 
Episode day is a traditional plant used throughout Latin America to help allay the gas that can be produced when eating a high fiber diet like legumes, beans, and mushrooms.
You can add it to the cooking for a little extra flavor, eat a leaf during or after the meal, or make a liquid tincture extract, and add 20 drops to a little water. Then drink during the meal or after .

Green tea, or Camellia sinensis is one of the most popular drinks worldwide.
And for good reason, it has a light refreshing taste and gently energizing properties that also have the power to help us concentrate. Unlike black tea or coffee, green tea contains the special amino acid L-theanine which has a calming and centering affect. Together, a high quality green tea preparation, such as Matcha tea can provide an extended period of the ability to stay centered and in the moment.
Regular use of green tea helps protect the body against free radicals and chronic inflammation that can lead to many diseases. If you drink coffee, try substituting a high-quality Matcha tea for a couple of weeks. In this case, you can get major benefits with the buzz.
I often add a Reishi powder to Matcha for additional benefits, such as helping to maintain a balanced immune response to pathogens or other physical challenges.
Especially during the winter, this is my typical go to morning beverage.
Time honored green tea with the Rishi really does make my life a better place!

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