TeleHealth Consultations with Dr. Hobbs

Dr. Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D. is pleased to offer online video health consultations with patients across the US and around the world.

Appointment Costs


  • 20 Minute INITIAL CONSULTATION — $125
    As a new patient you will be asked to sign practice documents and provide a health history. Prior to your appointment, Dr. Hobbs will review your completed Patient History Intake Form and if necessary, research the medical literature for your health concerns.
  • 50 Minute INITIAL CONSULTATION — $225
    Keep in mind, a lot can be accomplished in a 20 minute Initial Consultation, but if you feel you may need more time this longer option is available. As a new patient you will be asked to sign practice documents and provide a health history. Prior to your appointment, Dr. Hobbs will review your completed Patient History Intake Form and if necessary, research the medical literature for your health concerns.
  • 15 Minute QUICK CONSULTATION — $75
    Quick Consultations are available to new patients who have a few “quick questions” to ask. You will need to sign practice documents before your appointment. Health histories are not collected or reviewed.


  • 20 Minute FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATION — $75
  • 50 Minute FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATION — $150

The above prices include Dr. Hobbs’s time to conduct research, develop formulas and customize a health program for each patient.

Patients may securely message Dr. Hobbs through his Patient Portal with reasonable follow-up questions at no additional charge.


Payments and Insurance

  • Only credit cards are accepted for payment
  • Credit cards are automatically charged after the appointment concludes
  • Insurance is NOT currently accepted

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your initial (first time) consultation with Dr. Hobbs, your payment will be refunded.

Appointments by Video

Once an appointment has been requested and confirmed by Dr. Hobbs, you will receive an email with a link to join the video conference at the appointed time. Please save this link so you will have it available when the time arrives.


In order to have a successful video appointment your smart phone or computer device must be connected to the internet.

You will also need a camera and microphone, which most smart phones, tablets and laptops have built-in. For a desktop computer, an add-on microphone and camera placed at the top of your monitor may be necessary if they aren’t already built-in.


The only software required is a web browser. Any type or version should work.


If you have a problem loading the Video Appointment link in your web browser, check your Operating System’s Privacy Settings to be sure that your web browser is allowed access to your camera and microphone.


If you prefer to use an app instead of a web browser, you can download the SimplePractice Telehealth App from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

How this Works

  1. Request an appointment from our website
  2. Wait for an email confirmation (typically 24-48 hours)
  3. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email exactly
  4. Prior to your appointment, sign in to Dr. Hobbs’s Patient Portal and complete the following tasks:


    • Read and accept all Consent Forms
    • Fill out and save Dr. Hobbs’s Patient History Intake Form
    • Upload a recent photo of your tongue for diagnostic purposes
    • Always use the portal’s secure message system to contact Dr. Hobbs with questions


    • Upload a recent photo of your tongue for diagnostic purposes
    • Always use the portal’s secure message system to contact Dr. Hobbs with questions
  5. You will receive an email reminder and have the option to cancel or reschedule your appointment
  6. At the time of your appointment, follow the link in the confirmation email to start your video consultation (We suggest that you load the link before the appointment to test it out!)

What to Bring to the Session

A picture of your tongue taken in natural light so as to show features such as color of the tongue body, coating thickness and color, cracks, and other details. This should be uploaded through our Patient Portal ahead of time, along with any other documents you want Dr. Hobbs to review, such as medical tests and lab results.

What to Expect

During your appointment time you can discuss your health concerns with Dr. Hobbs and he will ask key questions to get more information. Often he will ask to see your tongue if you have not included a current photo with your patient intake form. The session will last for its allotted time. Please be aware that other patients will be scheduled before and after your call, so the appointment has to be punctual on both ends. If you are late for a session, you may lose that portion of the call.

Supplements and Life Style Recommendations

Dr. Hobbs will make recommendations based on your intake form, other information you have given orally or in writing, and any medical tests or reports you wish to share. These recommendations will include:

  • Lifestyle changes and practices such as specific recommendations to improve sleep, elimination, and exercise, etc.
  • A specific dietary program or simply recommendations based on your individual needs (including elimination and cleansing, various diets such as building or restorative diets, etc.).
  • Tips and support for how to develop better wellness habits.
  • How to obtain further information on any condition or ailment; specific research papers that document efficacy and safety of recommended treatments. Handouts will often be available and can be sent to you electronically.
  • Custom formulas and single herbs and dietary supplement ingredients for your specific needs (see more on this below), or off-the-shelf supplements and herb products based on 35 years of experience in the herb and dietary supplements industry. The quality and potency, along with cost-effectiveness of herbs and supplements will always be carefully considered.

Custom formulated Herb blends; Single Herbs and Extracts

Dr. Hobbs is able to design a custom formula for you and have it sent to your address, but this will often be more expensive than herb teas and products you can get locally.

Product options

  • Single herb tinctures or custom blends in bottles to be taken daily in tea, plain water, or juice (usually organic or wild harvested)
  • Concentrated tea extracts, individuals and custom formulas (using only water as the extraction solvent, and then dried to a powder—some available as organic)
  • Bulk herbs (single herbs and custom blends to make therapeutic and supportive teas—many available as organic)
  • Powdered medicinal mushroom singles or blends (all organic)
  • Creams and salves and herbal-infused oils (sometimes available as organic, for external use)
  • Plasters (adhesive pads infused with essential oils to be applied externally—typically for pain, swelling, and to speed healing)
  • Essential oils for aromatherapy, clearing the sinus passages, and for external application (often after blending 50-50 with a fixed oil such as olive or almond oils)
  • Essential oils (singles or formulas) for internal use (usually 2 drops is added to a cup of herbal tea)
  • Specific dietary supplement ingredients such as B vitamins, vitamins C, D, and E; various minerals such as magnesium; others such as CoQ10, red rice yeast, or sometimes digestive enzymes or amino acids such as L-theanine. You can consult a complete list of recommended dietary supplement ingredients for specific ailments which is available on the website.

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