shift magic mushrooms course

Magic Mushrooms Course

shift magic mushroom course

Join Dr. Hobbs for this 7-Week Online Course – Beginning June 2023 at The Shift Network

Deepen your journey toward emotional wellness, psychological freedom, and lightness of spirit by understanding the history, state-of-the-art research, and best practices for wise use and holistic integration of psychedelic experiences with mushrooms.

Have you been curious about the benefits of working consciously with psilocybin mushrooms (a.k.a. “magic mushrooms”), and you want to explore a wise, grounded, and safe path toward a relationship with them?

Christopher has taken special care to lay this class out like you might prepare for journeying with a properly licensed facilitator:

  • Prep — the science of how it works, legalities, etc.
  • Access — how to purchase or even get spores and grow your own, etc.
  • Experience — what psilocybin does to the brain, what can be expected, set, setting, etc.
  • Integrate — contemplation, journaling, meditation, etc.

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