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Grow It, Heal It

Grow It, Heal ItCheck out Christopher’s latest book, GROW IT, HEAL IT: Natural and Effective Herbal Remedies from Your Garden or Windowsill

If you have a few square feet of garden space—even if it’s a patio container or window box—you can grow your own powerful herbal medicines to help treat dozens of common ailments. Best of all, it’s all so easy—thanks to the expert herbal gardening and preparation secrets revealed in Grow It, Heal It!

In this full-color how-to guide, you’ll discover 50 common herbs that can help heal your everyday ailments—including digestive issues, heartburn, headaches, and more. And you’ll feel good knowing that many of these herbs are safer and more effective than drugstore medicines when you follow the step-by-step advice in Grow It, Heal It. Try it FREE or Purchase from Amazon


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